How Plant Shades Grow HVAC Savings

How Plant Shades Grow HVAC Savings

There are lots of cool things you can do to maximize your savings on your HVAC system, but the most practical method is by planting trees to shade your home ready for the changing season.

Trees For Summer Shade

Shade trees block sunlight from directly heating your home or entering your windows. They also provide cooling effects on the place and the surrounding areas. Trees and plants absorb cool water from the ground and evaporate them slowly in the air. If you have plenty of trees and plants in your yard, your place is definitely a cool zone thus reducing the job of your air conditioning system during the summer season.

You can also plant shades near your outdoor AC unit to conserve energy. Just make sure to plant at ideal distance to prevent airflow restriction.

Trees For Winter Savings

When it comes to heating and cooling, greater percentage of energy consumption goes for heating you home. Trees can be used as windbreaks to protect your home from winter winds which can force cool air into your home’s small openings like the cracks in your walls. This can lessen your heating costs by diverting the direction of the wind up and over your home.

Trees with crowns and leaves that are kept throughout the winter season are good barriers. When planted together, they block and reduce the speed of the wind and direct it over your home. For better advantage, plant them with a distance of not less than two times the height of the fully matured trees.

Creates Dead Spaces

Bushes, vines and shrubs help in insulating your home for both summer and winter seasons. One tip: plant them at least one foot away from your home’s wall.

Choosing The Right Trees

Wind tolerant trees are best to plant near your home.  Trees with low wind tolerance can cause big damage on your home when storm or strong wind attacks. Plant them in group as much as possible.

Refrain yourself from planting trees that grow real fast. These trees have shorter lives and are more susceptible to damages caused by winds, ice and sometimes rain.

It’s good to think green in maximizing your savings for your energy consumption. If you are looking for more tips to save from your heating and cooling system, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Withrow Mechanical.