How To Clean Condenser Coils

How To Clean Condenser Coils

Your HVAC condenser coil plays an important role in keeping you comfortable during the hot summer days. Do not compromise your comfort by regularly cleaning your condenser coils. Read below to know how!

Steps in Cleaning your Condenser Coils

Remove plants or trim them to prevent growing too near to the condensing unit. If your unit is installed under a deck or other structure, either move the structure or hire a technician to move the condensing unit.

Remove grass and lint from the fins using an old hairbrush or whisk broom. Brush in the same direction as the slits so that the bristles can go between the fins. Remove the guard gill for better cleaning but make sure to wear dust mask.

Put a pair of gloves to protect your hands and spray coil cleaner into the coil. There are different coil cleaners to choose from. After putting coil cleaner, wait for five to ten minutes before spraying with water. Use gentle spray to wash the coil. Do not use hose or strong spray because they can bend the fins.

There are available fin combs in the market which you can use to straighten the fins. A screwdriver can also do the job. Carefully run them along the bent fins. Work on this slowly to avoid damaging other fins.

Be sure to dry off your unit before reassembling it. Reconnect power and you’re good to go.

Why is there a need to clean AC condenser coils?

Clean condenser coils increase cooling efficiency of your unit. It can prevent your system from working harder than normal while providing constant service to your home.

Dirty condenser coils increase energy consumption. The more dirt, the greater effort your system has to do, thus surprising you with scary energy bills.

Dirty condenser coils can bring risks to your health. They can serve as breeding ground for molds and other bacteria which can be circulated throughout your household.

If you’re not comfortable doing DIY fixes, ask for professional help. You can always count on the experts at Withrow Mechanical for reliable heating and cooling services.