Is Your Commercial HVAC Unit Ready for Warmer Weather?

Is Your Commercial HVAC Unit Ready for Warmer Weather?

Before getting too busy increasing those sales, be sure that your commercial rooftop units are ready to give your clients the coolest welcome. The question is, is it ready to shift from heating to cooling operation? It should be or else…

Prepare your commercial HVAC for the summer challenge! Get in touch with your trusted HVAC technician to have these things done before the heat wave.

Change Air Filters. Dirty air filters do not just cause poor air quality in the workplace but also increase the chance of system breakdown. Dirt, dust, and airborne particles trapped in the filter can block air flow and give the unit too much stress. Be sure to clean or replace air filters before the summer season starts.

Calibrate Controls

Check if the air conditioning unit is working properly. After the long winter break, air conditioning problems may arise especially on the controls. See to it that the unit turns on and off properly and that it complies with the command of the thermostat. You may also want to check the thermostat for correct temperature reading.

Clean the Components

Since most commercial buildings are now using packaged HVAC units, it will just be easy for technicians to clean the component. These are most of the time located on the rooftop, so dust and dirt can undoubtedly get inside the small opening of the system. Hire a technician to clean the component’s interior and exterior parts so that rusting, dust and dirt will not affect the comfort of your clients and employees. You may also let them check the moving components if lubrication is needed.

Check Refrigerants

 Insufficient amounts of refrigerant can also lead to insufficient cooling. It also means that leaks are present in the system. It is important to not just let the technician add refrigerants to suffice the manufacturer-specified operational levels but track down those leaks that are causing the refrigerant to flow out of the system.

Inspect Electrical Connections

 Cleaning and tightening of electrical connections can prevent interruptions in the operation of your air conditioning systems especially in the hottest days of summer. HVAC systems sometime vibrate when in use and this can cause electrical wirings to losen. If neglected, even the smallest issue can cause your unit to fail or burn out.

Schedule a maintenance service for your commercial HVAC system this spring season. Call the professionals at Withrow Mechanical now!