Learn the Steps of a New Air Conditioning Installation

Learn the Steps of a New Air Conditioning Installation

While it is true that installing a new air conditioning system should be done by a professional technician, it still pays off to know the procedure for maintenance purposes and to further understand how the system works. Here are the most important steps that you should take note:

  • Find the Right Size for your Home

Air conditioning systems come in different types and sizes. In order to get the right size for your home, the technicians will inspect the size and layout of your house as well as the number of people living inside. The right calculation is needed to identify the size of HVAC system that will fit the needs of your place.

Finding the right size of air conditioning unit is important to maximize its cooling power and energy savings. Too big or too small of air conditioners will not give you the comfort that you need. They may cause expensive repairs and high energy bills.

  • Seal the Old Ductwork

When considering an air conditioning upgrade, be sure to seal the old ductwork to prevent conditioned air from leaking out. You may need a partial replacement for this one. But if the existing ductwork is relatively new, have it checked by a professional technician so that proper insulation and cleaning can be done.

A clean and well-insulated ductwork is important to keep cool air inside. If poorly insulated, the air-conditioned air can leak into the attic and crawlspaces giving you a high energy bill to pay.

  • Ensure that Each Room has Proper Cooling

An airflow specification is provided by the manufacturer and during installation, the contractor should determine the correct specs for your home. After installation, it is important to check if each room has a sufficient supply of cool air.

  • Check Refrigerant Levels

Professional technicians make sure that the refrigerant level complies with the manufacturer’s specification. Be sure that the refrigerant level is fully charged so that the air conditioning system will function effectively. If there is an insufficient supply of refrigerant, the cooling process will not be as efficient as it should be and the operation will just take up too much energy.

It may seem like a typical DIY job, but the installation of an air conditioning system requires great expertise. It is good to know what your technicians do but it is still better to let them handle critical jobs like this. At Withrow Mechanical, we have a team of professional technicians who are experts in the field. Call us for complete and proper installation of your air conditioning system.