Need a Relief for Summer Allergies? Get Rid of your Indoor Air Pollutants

Need a Relief for Summer allergies? Get Rid of your Indoor Air Pollutants

Winter has gone and you are probably getting your home ready for open windows and fresh air. This can be pretty exciting, but also dangerous as it paves way for indoor air pollution. And when you start the need for cooling, keeping your doors and windows closed to secure air-conditioned air also means locking those indoor air pollutants inside your home.

If you constantly breathe in polluted indoor air, you might experience mild to severe health problems. Get rid of these indoor air pollutants with these helpful tips from the pro:

Make Your Home a No-Smoking Zone

No matter what time of the year, smoking is dangerous to your well-being as it leads to many health issues such as respiratory tract infections and lung cancer. Aside from that, cigarettes also contain an approximate of 4,000 chemicals which can get stuck in the carpets, curtains, and furniture. It mixes with your indoor air when you start to run your air conditioning system. This can cause health hazards to anyone at home.

Increase Amount of Ventilation

This is especially important when you are using chemical products like paint and pesticides. Proper ventilation is important to prevent air pollutants from getting stuck inside your home. If you are planning on opening your window for additional ventilation, however, be sure not to use your fan because it will draw in more pollen and dust.

Change Air Filters

Your system’s operation throughout the winter season might have caused dust, dirt and other airborne particles to clog in your air filters. When you run your A/C, these particles can be blown into your home and cause allergies and breathing difficulties. It is important that you replace or clean air filters every few months. For a better solution, you should invest in HEPA filters for better removal of air pollutants as well as harmful microorganisms in the air.

Dust, Vacuum and Change Your Sheets Frequently

Simple dusting and vacuum cleaning can get rid of airborne particles and pollutants reducing the risk of allergies. Use a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt on furniture, rugs, and curtains. Additionally, changing sheets frequently can reduce the risk of allergies brought by pet dander and dust mites that are stuck in your beddings and sheets.

Follow the tip above for a healthy and less-hassle summer. But if you are extra cautious about your indoor air quality, feel free to call the experts at Withrow Mechanical. We have just the right solutions for your home comfort concerns.