Pros And Cons Of Mini Split Air Conditioner

Pros And Cons of Mini Split Air Conditioners

If you’re considering a mini split air conditioner for your home but you want to weigh the pros and cons prior to purchasing, here are helpful ideas we made just for you.


A mini split air conditioner is versatile. You can either hang the indoor handler on the wall or just lay it on the floor. You’ll be able to use as many air handlers as you want. Plus, a remote control can be used for easy operation.

Lesser work is needed in installing your mini split AC and you don’t need a big hole to be pierced in your wall. Not just it economizes your space, but it also keeps your home safer from external threats.

These HVAC appliances don’t use ductworks. Just like other systems, they have to meet the same SEER and HSPF standards, only that mini split air conditioners are more energy efficient.  Unlike window air conditioners, the air goes directly to the indoor air handler, so there’s no air loss.

Mini split AC systems don’t use combustible energies for heating. Also, they have no burning gases and require no venting, thus safer to use. Ductless AC systems do not produce unwanted noise as compared to other types which produce irritating sounds when in use.

Ductless air conditioners have longer life span compared to window units. Basically, what you pay is worth the service that you will get.


The primary drawback of having a mini split air conditioner is the cost that goes with it. Ductless air conditioners are several times more expensive than baseboard heating components. This is one reason why homeowners would rather opt for window unit for their homes.

Maintenance is also a big deal on ductless air conditioners. If you have it at home, you shouldn’t miss monthly cleaning especially your unit filters because not doing so may cost you serious problems and repairs. Regular maintenance of the system is needed to maintain great performance.

Mini split type ACs are better off installed by qualified technicians. Instead of doing it yourself, call a trusted local HVAC contractor for safe and efficient installation.

If you’re still unsure which type of AC would best fit your home, try consulting the experts at Withrow Mechanical.