What To Do Before Turning On Your Furnace For The First Time

What To Do Before Turning On Your Furnace For The First Time

The cold season is in and sooner you’ll be firing up your furnace to give you warmth for the long cold nights and days. Unless you want to experience furnace problems and other safety issues in the middle of winter, these are what you should do before turning your furnace on for the first time.

Clear the surrounding area of your furnace. If you happen to put some equipment near your furnace, remove them before you start to use it. The heat produced by your unit as it operates may cause those combustible materials to create fire. It’s better to be extra cautious about your properties and investments and start by clearing the area around your furnace.

Replace air filter. No one wants a dusty and polluted indoor air so don’t forget to replace your furnace filter. Especially when it’s been a while since you last changed it, air filter replacement is crucial for your furnace to operate properly. Dirty filters can clog the airflow and may cause your unit to work harder. This adds an additional strain to your unit which can lead to major issues in the components or worst, it may cause complete malfunction of your unit.

Check the thermostat. Your thermostat plays a big role when it comes to controlling the operation of your furnace. Before you run your system, be sure to check if replacement is needed especially on the batteries. Also, see to it that the thermostat is set properly. Even if cooling works just fine last summer, it’s still necessary to check if it heats the home evenly and accurately.

Improve the insulation in your home. Although it doesn’t prepare directly your furnace for the cold season, insulating your home can help your unit to efficiently heat the area. Give your unit some TLC by making sure the warm air they produce will not escape. It so, your furnace will have to work at longer hours to provide the temperature set in your thermostat.

Schedule a regular HVAC maintenance and tune up. This is probably the best way to care for your furnace. Before running your unit, be sure to have it professionally diagnose for minor and major glitches that may hinder its operation.

Make your comfort as wonderful as the season! If you’re having trouble with it, the professionals at Withrow Mechanical are always ready to give a hand.