Withrow Mechanical Inc How do I improve my home’s ventilation?

home's ventilation

Ventilating your home is a wise idea, fresh air is healthy and invigorating, and you want to make sure you are breathing good oxygen free of indoor pollutants. For family members who suffer from allergy’s ventilation is crucial to help get rid of allergens such as dust and dander. The struggle is allowing air to flow in and out your house without losing energy by letting heat and cold air escape.

Withrow Mechanical in Southlake Texas can offer you advice on ventilation, but here are some ideas for now.  The most important rooms to ventilate are the kitchen and bathroom. It is in these rooms that condensation occurs which can lead to dampness and mold. If you own any gas appliances be sure to ventilate the areas they are in, this includes old boilers. When you cook a meal, run your exhaust fan, or turn off your HVAC system and open a window.

The same applies when taking a shower or a bath, you want to keep the steamy air in the room and not have it cause condensation in the rest of the house.  If you are not cooking or showering, keeping your doors open throughout the house allows the air to flow without restrictions. Using a fan of any type will also increase ventilation, and help save you money because you may not need to run your HVAC system as much. The fan will keep you cool in the summer, and in winter can help circulate warm air through the house. On the weekends, set aside a couple of hours to open your windows (weather permitting) and air out your house, this will release stale odors and allow good ventilation. It is a good idea to have some type of ventilation in your attic or basement as these can be ideal situations for mold and dry rot to occur.